Our latest product updates are now live.  From Mac App enhancements to improved UI. Kortext Arcturus is now even better.


Check out the latest updates to Kortext Arcturus.

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Rich Text Editor

Kortext’s native apps now include a rich text editor, enabling students to enhance their notes with functionality similar to Microsoft Word. This activity syncs across apps, so students can make a rich text note in the iOS app and open it up in the web app.

New options include:

  • Customising font size and style
  • Bold, underline, italics and strikethrough
  • Bullet points and numbered lists
  • Adding hyperlinks and links to images and videos to embed into notes


Mac App Enhancements

In addition to the new rich text editor, the Kortext Mac app has been redesigned from the ground up! Enjoy a new look and feel plus additional features requested by our student users, including:

  • Offline reader – users can now download content to their device to view and interact with offline. All activity will sync next time there is a Wi-Fi connection.
  • Dark mode – users can switch the reader to dark mode to reduce eye strain.

More sign in / sign up options

After improving our authentication technology,
it is now possible to sign up or sign in to the Kortext Arcturus platform in three ways:

  1. Through your institution:

Select your institution from the drop-down list and sign up / in using your university login details.

  1. Email:

Sign up / in using an email address and password.

  1. Access code:

Sign up / in and access eBooks using an access code provided by your institution.

All new UI on the Kortext Arcturus platform.










Improved top navigation

We’ve redesigned our top navigation bar to be more user friendly, intuitive and in keeping with the navigation experience in apps and platforms today.



Library sub-navigation

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Set default landing page

Institutions can now choose a default landing page for their students to see when they first log in to the Kortext Arcturus platform.

Landing page options include:

  • My Library
  • Kortext Library
  • Collections
  • Workbooks
  • Groups



Intelligent search and filter

Our new Google-like intelligent search makes it even easier to find the content you’re looking for and includes:

  • Predictive search – when a user begins to type, the search will predict the word(s)
  • Predictive results – a list of recommended results appear under the search
  • Results can then be filtered by best match, alphabetically, by publication year and by publisher.


New book and video cards

See more at a glance with our improved book and video card design and find the content you need, fast!


A central ‘scratch pad’ for student notes and annotations

1. Create workbooks and folders to manage eTextbook annotations and create new notes

2. Annotate, organise and reference information using rich text editing tools

3. Share Workbooks and notes with classmates using Kortext’s ‘groups’ tool

Enhanced Reading

Enhanced reading offers a brand-new way for academics and students
to consume their eTextbooks, and includes two main parts:

  1. Read Aloud

With our Read Aloud feature, users can have their eTextbooks read to them like an audiobook with options to customise both narrator and speed of audio.

  1. Multi-language translation

For a more inclusive experience, users can now translate their eTextbook into multiple languages by selecting a word, section or the entire page, and picking from our list of over 100 languages including Arabic, Hebrew and even Klingon!


My Files

Academics can upload their own files e.g. lecture notes in PDF or EPUB format for self-organization and sharing. These can be organised  and viewed in the ‘My Files’ tab within ‘Library’. Folders can also be leveraged for further organisation.

Academic inventory upgrade

A number of updates have been made to the Academic inventory to make it easier to use, including:

  • Renaming aspects of the page
  • Removal of the two search bars in favour of one global search bar that searches within the tab the user has selected
  • Updated ‘Book Details’ pages now a new status indicating that a book is already in the institution’s library, and action buttons enabling an academic to review and request/read/request module copies of a book directly from the page
  • Improved search including the implementation predictive search and auto complete
  • Renaming of the ‘+Order’ button on the ‘Search Kortext’ tab to ‘+Request’.

Order basket/ Salesforce enhancements

Customers can now include more information when submitting order baskets to the Kortext team, including:

1.Basket name – this is the name that the customer gives to the basket in the Acquisition Portal

2.Available for use by – an optional selection made by the customer to include the date that they would like the books to be provisioned by

3.Description – an optional field for customers to add any additional information.

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