What’s new (Sept-Dec 2023)

Find out more about our Autumn 2023 Product Update...
Autumn/ Winter
2023 Product Update

Find out what's new and how we've enhanced the Kortext Arcturus platform to improve the user experience for all!

Autumn/Winter 2023 Product Update

Our latest product updates are live! This Autumn and Winter, we have introduced an array of clever features to improve our Arcturus platform and the portals and dashboards that support it. This includes new filtering options, new mobile app interfaces and much more. Read on to discover what we’ve introduced ahead of the new academic year. 
If you missed the last product update, catch up with previous innovations here.
You can learn more about Kortext Premium, which was launched in October, here.

Teaching & learning

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Student Experience

Library Service Enhancements



Analytics Improvements

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